Today, any forward-thinking sales professional is looking at analytics to evaluate and predict sales performance.  Whether you are a VP of Sales, a Sales Manager, Analyst, or an individual Sales Rep, this is a smart approach. Analytics software is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity to stay ahead of opportunities.

You can have a great business, revolutionary product, and growing social media following, but what does all that really mean if you aren’t measuring anything? It means you are probably doing well, but it also means you won’t reach your full potential.  Without sales software, leads go to waste, opportunities remain hidden, and sales pipeline analysis fails to prevent unpleasant surprises.  As Conversion Leadership puts it quite simply, “Analytics allow you to see what’s working, what’s not working, and more importantly, what can you improve upon” (

Even if you are already using analytics, many people in sales are not tapping into the full power of data because their analytics tools aren’t built specifically for their sales process. There are dozens of sales analytics tools out there with predictive capabilities, forecasting models, pipeline management, and other lead generation capabilities, but the problem is THEY TREAT ALL SALES BUSINESSES THE SAME.

Saturn Infotech offers a pre-built sales solution that can be customized to fit any business’ needs. For instance, a business selling consumer packaged goods is going to have a much different analytics dashboard than a B2B sales company selling medical equipment. Furthermore, many sales analytics solutions lack comprehensive dashboards that dive into the depth of a company. They don’t answer questions about how exactly sales reps are closing deals, where it makes sense to invest, what activities they may want to discontinue, or how to speed up the sales cycle. A pre-built solution enables users to drill down into the details of pipeline information to help better answer all of the HOWS and WHYS.

In this 3 minute video demo, learn how Saturn Infotech’s pre-built sales analytics can help businesses report, predict, and maximize overall sales performance. Saturn’s Prebuilt Analytics Dashboard is built on Oracle’s BICS platform, the best-in-class analytics platform offering a full array of intuitive BI tools in a friendly interactive interface, with instant availability in the Cloud.

Saturn Infotech also offers pre-built data models for various industries that cater to intelligence and reporting needs all the way from C-level executives to low end users. Data can be viewed within advanced visualizations featuring KPIs, graphical report snapshots, trend graphs, and scorecards. To learn more about Saturn’s pre-built Cloud Solutions, click here or watch video demos on our YouTube Channel.