1 April 2016

3 Key Features of Procurement Analytics

Business managers need an analytical mindset to be strong communicators within their team. It’s difficult to manage a company’s procurement if you don’t have real time access to data from across the enterprise value chain.  With the help of Prebuilt Procurement analytics, organizations and managers benefit from better insight into spend patterns, visibility into the procurement […]

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21 March 2016

Sell More! All-In-One Sales Analytics Solution

Today, any forward-thinking sales professional is looking at analytics to evaluate and predict sales performance.  Whether you are a VP of Sales, a Sales Manager, Analyst, or an individual Sales Rep, this is a smart approach. Analytics software is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity to stay ahead of opportunities. You can have a […]

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9 March 2016

How to Convert Call Centers into Powerful Insight Centers

Business intelligence (BI) software is an incredibly useful tool for many businesses across a variety of markets. BI makes it possible for organizations to gain a leg up in their industry with access to a wealth of insightful data. Analytics software for the call center industry in particular is on the rise. It’s only a […]

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24 February 2016

Everything you Need to Know about Machine Learning and Lambda Automation

Machine learning is bringing a lot of buzz to the analytics world…and rightly so! Its advanced abilities can deliver predictions that drive real business value. However, all this hype also comes with a lot of confusion. Rushed implementations without proper planning for operational aspects of machine learning are a major issue when it comes to […]

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28 January 2016

Is MapReduce Dead?

With the emergence and increasing popularity of DAG execution engines like Spark, one of the most common questions our clients want answers to is, “What is the future of MapReduce as an execution engine for Hadoop?” Many mainstream production applications are using MapReduce as their foundation, and companies have made huge investments in developing Mappers, […]

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